My take on designing an academic conference poster

Two templates and some online resources that I found useful.

Posted by Dani Madrid-Morales on August 10, 2016

I recently returned from Minneapolis where I attended the AEJMC 2016 Annual Conference. I presented some preliminary results of my ongoing research about the efforts by China to internationalise its TV drama industry. Being more of a teaching oriented conference, most research papers at AEJMC end up being lumped together at so-called Researcher-to-Researcher Sessions, which is a euphemism for poster sessions. I think most scholars would agree that presenting our research during poster sessions is not the preferred format, but as conferences grow bigger this is definitely going to become a more and more frequent format. Since one of my papers at this year's ICA Conference in Fukuoka was also scheduled as a poster session, I spent some time doing some online research about poster designs and effective ways to communicate research findings.

Finding a suitable template

The first thing that I found was that there is no one-fit-all-template for academic posters. Both AEJMC and ICA have some recommendations and guidelines. It also became quite clear that, while there is plenty of resources