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StarTimes: China’s biggest player in the African mediascape

A short piece based on my research on the Chinese pay-TV operator StarTimes, which was published on Africa Is a Country.

Chinese media struggle to overcome stereotypes of Africa

An op-ed I wrote for The Conversation on race and representations of Africa in the media in China.

Teaching Ideas Presented at the 2017 AEJMC Conference in Chicago

A report on some of the things I took away from the event

Chinese media are betting on Africa for their global expansion, but is anybody paying attention?

A guest post for the Blog of the China Policy Institute at the University of Nottingham

Fisuras informativas en Corea del Norte

Sobre el impacto de las tecnologías digitales en los medios de comunicación

Scraping YouTube data with and without Google's API

Finding an alternative to querying Google's API for a list of videos' metadata and avoiding the quotas and restrictions.

China Global Television Network (CGTN): old wine in new bottles?

China's international broadcasting, formerly known as CCTV-News, gets a makeover

Afrobarometer: What do Africans think of China? (part 1)

Visualising perceptions of China in 30 African countries

Some problems (and some solutions) using Google Geocharts

I was preparing some choropleths at province level for China and Geocharts wouldn't understand some names... here is what I had to do.

A beginner's guide to the US National Archives in Maryland

Or how to survive a first visit and go home with what you came looking for.

My take on designing an academic conference poster

Two templates and some online resources that I found useful.

Careless journalism, defying logic

How a fake story about China taking control of Zambia's national TV made it to Kenya's The Star.

Japón y la puntilla del adjetivo

Notas sobre la cobertura del terremoto de Japón de marzo del 2011 en la prensa española.