Sample #1 - Feature story

Japan's political challenges [4m50s]

15 May 2013
Canal 3/24
Project details & my contribution:
  • Review of Japan's social and economic woes under Shinzo Abe's administration.
  • I produced, scripted, voice overed and edited the package.
  • The story was shot in Barcelona and Tokyo, and it incorporates footage from APTN archives.

Sample #2 - Documentary

://00-09 [48m58s] (excerpt available)

26 December 2009
Project details & my contribution:
  • Decade-ender covering the first ten years of the twenty-first century.
  • I researched and co-wrote the script, and put together the rough edit.
  • The documentary took 4 months to produce and involved a team of over 20 professionals.

Sample #3 - Feature Story

China's online censorship [3m25s]

15 May 2013
Canal 3/24
Project details & my contribution:
  • An overview of online censorship in China and the ways in which netizens bypass it.
  • I wrote the script, conducted the interviews, edited the package and created the animations.
  • Co-produced with the stations' Beijing bureau.

Sample #4 - Interview

Interview with Isaac Mao [2m27s]

13 February 2011
Project details & my contribution:

  • Exclusive interview with one of the most outspoken bloggers in China, Isaac Mao.
  • I produced the story, interviewed Isaac Mao and edited the package.

Sample #5 - News package

An unusual referendum [1m39s]

4 June 2012
Project details & own contribution:

  • A village in Spain holds a referendum to decide how to spend taxpayers' money: on bullfighting or job creation.
  • I shot, scripted and voice overed the package.

Sample #6 - Documentary (student work)

Digital Kenya [40m32s]

28 February 2019
University of Houston (UH)
Project details & my contribution:
  • Educational documentary on the impact of digital media on Kenyan society.
  • Co-written and co-produced with Sahar Hamzah.
  • Shot in Mombasa, Nairobi and Voi (Kenya) by UH students.